My Activities On Wednesday

On last Wednesday, I woke up at 3.00.Then I learned and started to do many tasks at 05.00, and then I started to do sport.That is push-ups and sit ups because I want to made a six pack stomach and healthy life.After that,at 06.00 I took a shower, then I prayed after took a shower, I get dressed.And then I started to got a breakfast with glass of milk and fried rice.I always said goodbye to my parents when going off to college.

I always enjoyed my trips to the campus for 1 hour.At 07.30 I arrived at my favorite university,it’s the University of Gunadarma.Then my first lesson is learning English with the Mr. romel.Around 09.00 o’clock, English subject was finish with the task from Mr. Romel,it was telling daily life – the day on Wednesday.At 10:30, the teacher of IBD got into the classroom.She just gave a task to our class and then he came out from the class.I used that spare time to went to the internet cafe near campus to find the answers.And then at 12:15 a.m, I went to BU DE canteen.In there,I met my friend from the other class.We talked a lot about my interest in the field of IT and everything.About 13:00, I went back to class to continue learning because there the other class.At 13:45, Mr supeni gave a lesson about python.Python was an algorithm languange. Then around 14.00,It’s the end of his subject.At 15:00,mr Iskandar gave a lecturer in physics .The topic was about termokimia.Then I was try to concentrate even though I was very sleepy and tired.

At 16:00, Mr. iskandar finished teaching us.Because we still had an IT practice at 17:30 to 19:30.Then I went to BU DE canteen again to got some food.At 17:30 o’clock, I went into my laboratorium.In there,I learned about python.At 19:30, it has finished.Next,after the practice had finished,without wasting time, I immediately rushed to the parking lot to drove a motorcycle toward my home.At 21:45, I arrived at my home.Then I hurried to went to my bedroom without a shower first … hehe.

That was my activity story on Wednesday.thank you..

stay positive! positive! positive!



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