How to Download Faster

How are you guys,,Do you like download something from internet and have you ever feel bored because you have to waiting your slow downloading,,lol,,Dr. Poetoe wanna share about how to increase your speed of download so your download will be run faster than usually. So, how to increase your speed of download? You only can find the answer in your lovely blog,

How to increase your speed of download,come on give me the tips asap Dr. Poetoe?

Oke oke,keep calm man,ahahah,,in this case, i use IDM. I think you have already known about IDM, IDM or Internet Download Manager is a software which make us easier to download.You can download IDM in this link . “Just for remind that if you use download IDM version from my blog, if there’s a warning of update, don’t klik update but klik cancel okay.”

I will explain in four steps,,here they are :

First, you have to open your IDM

Second, klik Downloads and then klik Option

Third, you choose connection

The last, change the conection type/speed depend on your internet connection that you used. For example, I use 512K Cable/DSL/Other or you can use LAN 10 Mbps. And then change the default max.conn.number to 16. And then you can enjoy your download will be run faster than before.

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Semua bisa dengan gampang menyerah, namun untuk mendapatkan yang terbaik, memang perlu usaha yang lebih gigih. Termasuk dalam mencari pasangan-Mario Teguh



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