How to Install mysql server in linux

Hei hei,,do you miss me?ehehhe,,see you again with me Dr. Poetoe. In my previous post, i posted about how to install mysql server in windows so today is my turn to share to you how to install mysql server in linux? Do you curious about the answer,ehehe,,you only can find the answer in my blog,

How to install mysql server in linux, Dr. Poetoe?

It’s very easy to install mysql in linux, you only follow this steps :

First, open your terminal with press ctrl+alt+t in your keyboard

Second, write sudo apt-get install mysql-server in your terminal and then press enter

Third, wait for the confirmation Y/N, then you choose Y

Fourth, Wait for a minute then you’ll see a clue about the password for your mysql, then fullfill the password “you’re free to decide what’s your password”

Fifth, Wait untill the installation is finish and congratulations, your mysql can be used.

For get into mysql server , write in your terminal mysql -uroot -p and then enter your password that you wrote when the installation.

For example : i created a database, table and the records

To exit from mysql, you write exit or \q and then you’ll see a word “bye”,that word is a sign that you have exit from mysql.

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  1. hey DR. Poetoe, i just wanna ask u..whether the installation steps are the same in all linux distros?thanks for all..hahahahnumpang lapak gan

  2. yes of course,,the steps can be apply for all of distros in linux ,,oke,i'll visit your blog soon,,thanks for your visiting and your comment ,ahaha

  3. very useful, visit my blog , sorry if my blog disorganized.

  4. ehehe thank you for your comment arief,,i will visit back your blog soon,,no problemm,,:)

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